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with a smile upon your face

i will be able to sleep tonight

okay allright allright okay

Who accepts breath is sacrifice. Who sings, sings worlds frightened and dear.

_Cal Bedient

i love your life.
adoring jenny lewis, and missing you always, attempting to be interesting, being cool with jess, black kitties named nocturne, boys having the hair, boys who wear girlspants, caring far too much, figuring out flying, finch t-shirt stealers, heart-breaking boys, insightful song lyrics, intellectualizing all emotion, making up harmony, missing what i neverhad, mmm chicken cake, my daruma doll's eye, observing asshole tendencies, re-reading old books, reveling in self-pity, sad songs about rain, searching for jealousy, shredding sensitive poetry, sleeping my existence away, struggling for chopin, trying for something more, what white daffodils mean